The unvarnished truth
about Game Box Wine

In a word, Game Box is good.

In two words, Game Box is good wine.

In fourteen words, Game Box is good wine because our winemakers are experts at making good wine.

And not just experts, but fans. We’d be willing to wager that they love drinking good wine at least as much as you do. The only difference is that they know where to find the best grapes in California and how to turn them into a perfectly balanced specimen of winely goodness. And they know how to do that super-efficiently, so you can drink better wine for less money than your bottle-dependent friends.

Game Box is good because it is mindfully packaged, eliminating waste.

One recyclable box instead of four bottles. You’re doing something good when you drink this wine. Kudos to you. It’s good because it stays fresh longer than bottled wine. Think 3-4 weeks instead of 2-3 days. (Thank you, magic spout.)

It’s good because it stands for honesty, authenticity, and, yes, a hell of a lot of fun.

Game Box is not afraid to call out traditional wine marketing. Not afraid to expose wine drinkers to the facts, and the myths, about winemaking.

For those who may still doubt that boxed wine can also be premium wine, Game Box is a revelation.

For those already in on the secret, it is a no brainer.

Wine can and should be fun. Game Box celebrates that.

Wine snobbery is lame. Game Box skewers that. Should you wish to do some snob skewering of your own, allow us to reveal...

The real secret of
Game Box wines:

Occasionally, you will meet someone who swears by Napa Valley wines. Generally speaking, they will not be able to tell you why Napa Valley wines are superior. You, however, will be equipped with this little geography lesson. Game Box sources the highest quality grapes from appellations just adjacent to Napa Valley, where land costs are much cheaper. The climate and soil benefit from the same maritime influences off the California coast, which bring out all the ripe, fresh fruit characteristics of each varietal. This allows us to offer Game Box wines at a much more accessible price point than wines with a Napa Valley address. Once your status-dependent guest has enjoyed a glass of Game Box wine, you may want to casually mention just how much more accessible Game Box is. While they may have previously sworn by Napa Valley wines, be prepared for them to swear again once they’ve heard what you paid.